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Solution Finders

Business Supports

Who owes your company money?

Does your employment contract protect you?

What is the difference between an employee and a subcontractor?

Sambrano Legal is in the business of supporting your business...from employment contracts to debt recovery. We are here to support you and your venture. Learn from our years of experience of working with businesses. We are the solution finders and the money savers. Examples include:


  • Debt recovery

  • Employment contract review

  • Company policies, including termination clauses

  • How to tell the difference between subcontractors and employees

  • The latest case law in employment and human rights law

  • Reviewing your business contracts

Call Sambrano Legal today to find out how we can start supporting your business. All calls are confidential. We’re here to listen. Call Sambrano Legal at 647 860 8339 or contact us by email today. We are solutions finders.



647 860 8339

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