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A energetic leader and public speaker, Kevin's seminars are lively, engaging and most of all educational.


  • Human Rights

  • Employment Law

  • Bill168 New Obligations for Workplace Safety

  • Compliance under AODA

  • Board Governance Training

  • Workplace Investigation

  • Security Guard Legal Training

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Kevin Sambrano helps organizations to avoid costly litigation by informing them of their rights and obligations under various legislations. Kevin offers a variety of workshops for small and medium-sized businesses. 


Human Rights Information Seminars

The Human Rights Code of Ontario continues to evolve. Is your organization keeping up?  Human Rights Training is a half-day seminar aimed at educating staff as well as employees in the latest developments in human rights in the workplace. Learn how to avoid costly litigations by insuring compliance with the Code. Prevention is better than cure. 

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  • Harassment in the workplace (For Supervisors)

  • Harassment in the workplace (For Employees )

  • Accommodation in the workplace

  • How to Investigate a Human Rights complaint- the First 24 hours


Employment Law

The workplace and employment law is forever changing. Dealing with a new work culture and new legislation are daily challenges in today’s workplace. Sambrano Legal helps to make sure that you are ready.


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  • Social Media in the workplace

  • The Internet in the workplace- prizes and pitfalls

  • Employment contracts- what is it and how to enforce it

  • Subcontractors VS. employees which do you really have?  The latest Supreme Court decisions

  • Terminating an employee- how to lessen employer liability


Bill168 New Obligations for Workplace Safety

The recent passing of Bill 168 underscores the ever-increasing responsibility placed upon the employer. Bill 168 is a recent amendment to the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) to require worker protection from violence and harassment in the workplace. Are you ready?


Board Governance Training

Do you have a new Board of Directors? Sambrano Legal provides an extensive workshop in Board Governance with a reduced rate for non-for profits boards and associations. This 2-hour seminar will introduce Board members to their legal roles and responsibilities within your company.


Management Sensitivity Training

Does your management team know how to style flex, delegate, use language that motivates instead of degrades. With the recent anti-bullying and harassment laws, does your management team know how to adapt to the changing world? Do they know what constitutes bullying or the 17 prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Human Right Code? Ignorance of the law can be a costly lesson. In today’s day and age, human rights is not only a good idea, it is the law.


Security Guard Legal Training

What is the latest case law?

What is the last changes that affect your training?

How to reduce costly lawsuits and security guard complaints.


"Kevin is an effective communication specialist."

Simon L., Chairperson, CMC

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