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"Don't weather it alone..."

  • Contract disputes such as breach of contracts

  • Employment issues such as Wrongful/Constructive Dismissal

  • Personal injury (up to Small Claims Court jurisdictional maximum of $35,000.00)

  • Judgement enforcement

  • Motions/Affidavits

  • Settlement Conferences

  • Trials


Small Claims Court

Have you been recently fired?

Does someone owe you money?

Did you have a contract and the other party backed out?

Has someone damaged your property?

Small Claims Court has a monetary limit of $35,000.00. Please contact Sambrano Legal Services today and we will be happy to discuss your matter. You may be entitled to financial compensation. Don't weather it alone.

Call 647 860 8339 today to discuss your legal options


647 860 8339

Kevin successfully negotiated a small claims on behalf of the firm, thus avoiding unnecessary litigation…I was very impressed with Kevin’s cool-headed and compromising, yet stern approach.

J.A. De Bousquet

Bousquet Professional Corporation

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