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The Board may award compensation for any of the following:

  • treatment expenses

  • travel to treatment expenses

  • loss of income

  • pain and suffering

  • funeral and burial expenses

  • bereavement counselling expenses

  • loss of financial support for the dependants of a deceased victim

  • costs associated with supporting a child born as a result of a sexual assault



647 860 8339

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

Have you or someone you know been the victim of a violent crime?

Any person injured as a result of a violent crime in Ontario may apply to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board for a monetary compensation. This includes if you have been a victim of a crime, such as assault, domestic or sexual abuse.


Sambrano Legal prepares and files applications, and represents Victims at hearings before the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. Hearings are often held in discreet locations and closed to the general public. The person(s) who committed the crime does not have to have been found guilty in order for you to submit a claim.


The injuries may be physical, psychological or both. Ongoing monthly periodic awards can be made in certain cases when there is an ongoing financial loss (e.g. lost income, child care expenses).


There is a two-year time limit for claims, so it is best to contact Sambrano Legal today.


To learn more about our experience in Criminal Injury matters, please call Sambrano Legal at 647 860 8339 or contact us by email today.


Decisions & Awards


0403-46953 – Home Invasion, Robbery. Assault,

Monetary Compensation: $5,000 Pain and suffering


0607-60063 – Funeral Expenses

Monetary Compensation: $4,833


0409-50235 – Mugging

Monetary Compensation: $5,000.00 Pain and suffering

$300.00  physiotherapy


0407-49024 – Aggravated Assault with a Weapon, Criminal Harassment

Compensated for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Total amount: $15,000.00.


0606-59914 – Historical Child Sexual Abuse

Awarded $12,000.00 for the cumulative injuries sustained as result of the abuse she experienced over time, $2,240.00 for past therapy expenses, and $4,160.00 for future therapy treatment, for a total award of $18,400.00.



Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

"Hard work...professionalism and enthusiasm... I would give Kevin an A+."


P. Smiley, Past  President, SETA

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